Thursday, 26 November 2015

domestic violence against men

Domestic Violence against Men is on the rise. More than double married men commit suicide when compared with married women suicides in India. It is al due to false domestic violence & dowry complaints by women. Domestic violence against men is serious concern as they are too shy to come out & report of such incidences.

Hence there is a dire need to stop the domestic violence against men & in order to encourage reporting by men in distqess due to domestic violence against them there needs to create a man cell/ men cell which can take us issues related to domestic violence against men in India.

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  1. Domestic Violence against husbandf30 January 2017 at 02:47

    I am an NRI. My wife filed false 498a/406 on husband & entire family in India some time back.

    We filed counter cases on her including perjury & court record tampering.

    Now she says that she repents about all that happened and is ready to sign any agreements or memorandum f understanding stating that she will not file such cases again, both in the UK and in India.

    Can I take her back (to a foreign country) if I have such agreements? What is the legal validity of such agreementr? Any precautions.